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Society for Design & Process Science

Transformative Research and Education through Transdisciplinary Means

Society and Mission


To expand, advance and unify process science through education, research, development, exploration, and application of a fundamental or general process theory based upon a change-oriented worldview.


  • Promote the development of design and process science as applied to all traditional disciplines of engineering by sponsoring conferences and participation in other appropriate activities.
  • Encourage and foster research and development to advance the discipline of design and process science.
  • Provide leadership and resources to foster cooperation among organizations in establishing meaningful international standards. Distribute, promote, and encourage the use and application of these standards for universal improvement.
  • Encourage an interchange of ideas among engineers, scientists, managers, decision makers and organizations by:
    • Disseminate information through publishing and other means.
    • Organizing conferences and programs for presentations and demonstrations to advance the state of knowledge.
    • Cooperating with other professional organizations and committees with respect to standards, interdisciplinary research, and technical meetings.
    • Providing a liaison between the Society and Codes and Standards Committees.
    • Providing an atmosphere of fellowship between members that recognizes those professional needs of society membership which can best be supplied by association with peers.
    • Supporting continuing education activities; and g. Developing international cooperation and understanding.
  • Recognize achievement in the field of design and process science.
  • Provide long-range planning activities to insure that the Society achieves its objectives and provides quality service to its members.
  • Develop and promote membership in the Society.
  • Support student activity.
  • Support other appropriate objectives.


About SDPS

SDPS was formed incorporated as a non-profit scientific organization in Austin, Texas, USA in 1995. It was established to pursue the ideas of a group of visionaries whose work lead to this important juncture. Each year, SDPS sponsors an international conference that attracts hundreds of leaders in science and engineering. SDPS membership includes a diverse group of international experts across a broad array of scientific and engineering disciplines. Since 1997, SDPS has published the prestigious Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science and advanced its vision through workshops, transdisciplinary forums, conference proceedings, book publications, and various innovative and collaborative projects.

Fundamentally, SDPS was formed around a single idea: process. The fact that this concept is observed in so many different disciplines and the fact that process philosophy has heralded its importance since antiquity, gave rise to the idea that there may be something very fundamental yet to be discovered by science. It appears the process concept could establish a broadly applicable abstraction on which to base the future of knowledge integration and knowledge dissemination at a formal level for a wide array of disciplines. The result could yield new science, new products, business innovation, and new solutions that address the complex problem sets of the future. It is the vision of SDPS to advance towards this goal.

SDPS Conferences:

Prominent Speakers

George Kozmetsky

George Kozmetsky

Medal of Technology

Keynote Address
SDPS 1995
Shared Prosperity
Raymond T. Yeh

Raymond T. Yeh

IEEE Centennial Medal Laureate

First President
SDPS 1995
Software Engineering Pioneer
Herbert Simon

Herbert Simon

Nobel Laureate

Opening Address
SDPS 2000
Satisficing Solutions
Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg

Nobel Laureate

Opening Address
SDPS 2010
Civilizing Effect of Science
Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson

Crafoord Prize

Conference Address
SDPS 2012
The Origins of Creativity
Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek

Nobel Laureate

Conference Address
SDPS 2017
Finding Nature’s Deep Design

SDPS Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science

The SDPS Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science aims to publish the concepts of design and process that cut across multiple disciplines. The application of abstract notions of design and process to engineering problem solving is beginning to redefine and expand the notion of engineering in the 21st century. This Journal of the Society of Design and Process Science serves as a repository of human knowledge covering transdisciplinary notions of design and process in a rigorous fashion.

SDPS Conference Proceedings

Every year, Society for Design and Process Science organizes the SDPS World Conference. The conference program consists of invited and selected papers emphasizing transformative goals and transdisciplinary knowledge integration through the study of processes leading to the delivery of more robust, high quality, line of products and services. All reviewed and accepted papers are published in the refereed Conference Proceedings.

From 1995-2008, the SDPS World Conference was titled Integrated Design and Process Technology.

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